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As a foodie and a devotee of cooking shows like Gordon Ramsay and The Final Table, you will truly appreciate this. I was ready to Judge, Measure and critic each food, dressing, garnishing, platting and taste, ooh yes i was and my key focus was to be the Bruschetta Alla Funghi and Ravioli. For those who have watched The Final Table you will know that Bruschetta is one of Italy famous dishes and like Chef Carlo Cracco said, ” There is nothing more Italian like Family and good food” and this place just takes you back home. Now when they first announced that they are coming to Malaysia and posting videos and photos, i specifically sent out a DM and told them that i hope what we see on the videos is what we will get not forgetting that i was already anxious and over excited because their IG page is just drowning with good food.


When you get to this Joint, you just feel different, from the music, the nice bright table setting and lighting (for those who love selfies and group photos, their location and the entire setting of the restaurant is a selfie magnet), they have 3 distinctive seating, the inside for those who love the nice fine dinning set, the outside area is divided into 2, a very cozy area at the back corner(for a more private experience while having your meeting) and a lovely garden like setting in front, again selfie magnet. On the mention of Italy, the first things that come to mind is fast cars, pizza, meatballs, pasta, Good cheese, the God father and Mama Mia and you get to have the feel of all these thing here and yes even the God father, Michael Corleone talks about the best sauce for the pasta and how to prepare it, so yes! the God Father too. As for the fast cars, well i don’t have to say more, its Publika.


We didn’t rush to take everything on the menu so we settled for, Bruschetta, lamb shank, chicken wing, spinach Ravioli as our starter and main dish, for the drinks we had oreo milkshake and passion colada. Please keep in mind that everything here is 100% halal no Alcohol anywhere in the restaurant. If i am to talk about the food, seriously this will be a thesis and i will require an Associate Prof to Accredit it, i mean from the lamb that is so soft using a folk wont help, to the sauce on the ravioli, the creamy and exceptional Bruschetta and finally guys finally, those chicken wings, those chicken wings this is a must have or you loose. If you are not too much of a foodie and eater please take note that the portions for the Ravioli and lamb shank is large and can easily satisfy 2 people.


Our idea was to try bit by bit till we finish every item on the menus so i suggest you do the same so that you can enjoy and really appreciate the food. The staff are very very courteous and welcoming, swift and fast with your orders which come in hot and nice. The grilled Squid is a wonderful starter and absolutely gets you in the mood for whats about to take place. If the food doesn’t take you back to some place in your past, just make sure you make another order for the Bruschetta Alla Funghi and the chicken wings then try again. this is a place for families, people who love exclusivity, meetings, a hang out joint for you and your buds or your girl friends and for those food selfies which will get you those likes, follows and wooows. But definitely the woow is on the food and the service. Truly amazing and exceptional experience for us and hope it will be for you and yours.

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